Research based Advisory

At Alsleben Ltd. we believe that quality advisory in the context of high velocity environments can only be successful through a solid scientific foundation. Our management research projects are therefore an integral part of our practice incorporating latest research into unique client solutions. Our affiliation with prestigious research institutions and corporations enables us to utilize the latest knowledge base for your management consulting projects with Alsleben. Ltd. implementing next practice today. Our most recent research includes:

SAP: Creating Dynamic Capabilities - R&D Network Management for Globally Distributed Research & Development in the Software Industry

Extensive five-year global research project in cooperation with City University and SAP.

Doctoral Dissertation at City University Hong Kong
Available as Paperback , Kindle eBook, iBook and ePub for Adobe Digtial Edition.

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SAP: Establishing a Research Centre in China

One-year research project in China in cooperation with City University Hong Kong.

Published by Harvard Business Review -
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